The Petwork Ecosystem

provides location based information about all the different locations and services that pet owners are interested in while also allowing users to communicate, share reviews and opinions about


Not sure who is the best vet for your pet and your needs?

Looking for a specific type of food ?

Searching for a good trainer in your area?

Where is the nearest park with a hiking trail?

When will there be a gathering for dogs in my area?

You have to go somewhere and need a pet sitter?

Connect with

Pet loving communities near you and around the globe

Petwork is an ecosystem for Pet owner communities to get the right information when the needs arise

Wisdom of the crowd

  • Reliable reviews
  • Social activities in the vicinity
  • Pet communities with shared interests
  • Promotions or special offers in the vicinity

Pet friendly locations

  • Stores
  • Outdoor Locations
  • Veterinarian services
  • Pet Services

Types of information

  • Price
  • Location
  • Working hours
  • Popular hours
  • Pet friendly
  • Terrain information

The Team

We are a team of 2 co-founders that have been working together, for the past 5 years, and have previously helped establish a marketing and software development company as experienced software engineers and R&D team leaders

A 27 year old with deep roots in pet communities worldwide, with a passion to help and empower animals around the world, also a Full stack engineer with 6 years experience having worked on various applications using cutting edge technologies


A 32 year old silicon valley native and lifelong programmer with an extensive background in software R&D. Previously employed in a successful startup as well as having a rich history in B2C businesses and 8 years of experience in the software development industry.

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